About Us

Providing Long term benefit for South Australian quarry material consumers.

Kulpara Quarry is a member of the MSP Group of Companies. The MSP Group has the capability to offer a broad range of products and services within the construction materials, building products, contract mining and civil construction sectors. Our business philosophy is to create rewarding relationships and opportunities.

Kulpara Quarry is a high quality resource that can offer the full range of products for civil, construction and domestic purposes. It is strategically located on key transport routes and Kulpara Quarry can provide product both ex bin (pick up) or delivered as per your requirements.

The Kulpara Quarry represents a significant strategic investment in the long term future of the region. This asset is well placed to service the entire York Peninsula, down into Northern Adelaide and up into the Mid North and Northern Areas of South Australia. We are a dedicated employer of local people and are passionate about exceeding environmental and community expectations.

The quality of the deposit and the plant investment coupled with the technical knowledge and scale of the MSP Group ensure superior material quality and consistence outcomes. Material from Kulpara Quarry has been used in noteable projects such as RAAF base in Edinburgh, The Waterloo wind farm, Nyrstar Port Pirie and the Liebherr plant in Adelaide's Northern Suburbs.


Kulpara Quarries produce a wide range of quarried products to DPTI Australian standards, SA Water standards and specific customer blends or requirements.
  • 20mm dolomite concrete aggregates
  • 14mm dolomite concrete aggregates
  • 10mm dolomite concrete aggregates
  • 5mm Screenings
  • Large shot rock, for breakwaters, boat ramps etc.
  • Rubble (Class 2 Pavement material)
  • Crushed Rock (Class 1 Pavement material)
  • Non Spec Rubbles
  • 200 - 80mm Gabion Rock
  • 100 - 40mm Metal
  • Multiple Gradings of Quarry Sand
  • 20mm & 10mm Quartzite aggregates
  • 75mm Filter & Septic Metal


Primarily used in concrete and asphalt. Kulpara Quarries produce aggregates to meet Australian standard specifications AS2758, DPTI and SA Water Specifications, or to your required specification.

This product is suitable for use in:

  • Concrete
  • Precast Concrete Manufacture
  • Backfill
  • Drainage Materials
  • Rail Ballast
  • Landscape / Decorative Purposes
  • Gabion Rock
  • Manufacturing of Pavers

Quarry Sand

Primarily used in asphalt and civil construction. Kulpara Quarries produce quarry sands to suit a range of applications:
  • Concrete
  • Filter Material
  • Backfill
  • Underfloor Fill
  • Pipes Manufacture
  • Tile Manufacture
  • Paving

Pavement Materials

Primarily used in civil construction and landscaping, Kulpara Quarries produce pavement materials to meet DPTI and the relevant Australian standards.

This product is suitable for:

  • Base and sub-base for arterial, subdivision and commercial roads
  • Base and sub-base for temporary roads and light traffic roads
  • Hard stand areas
  • Car parks
  • Filling underneath concrete slabs
  • Select fill
  • Reinforced earth wall select fill
  • Lightly or heavily bound pavement


Kulpara Quarries' quarry transport fleet deliver aggregate and sand products when required. Our operations are co-ordinated by a central team and utilise the latest GPS technology to track and manage delivery performance.