About Us

Hallett Resources Constructions Sand Pit on the Yorke Peninsula produces a naturally occurring sand suitable for concrete, asphalt and other constructions purposes.

Having acquired the sand pit in March 2020, the MSP Group have undertaken a significant investment in the site, including the purchase of state-of-the-art high capacity screening plant and all new HME to ensure reliability in production and service. As part of this investment the site has undergone significant rehabilitation and development to ensure long term supplies.


Hallett Resources Construction Sands employ a dedicated team member to undertake daily production testing of products to ensure products are produced to the customer’s specifications. In addition to this, all of Hallett Resources Construction Sand products compliance and certification testing is carried out by NATA certified laboratories and sampling is carried out by trained and competent testers.

Resources and Geology

The Sand Pit is part of the Yorke Peninsula palaeochannel deposit which formed in a fluvial environment resulting in a clean and consistent deposit. The reserves over the site are estimated in excess of over 90 years giving the MSP Group and its customers confidence in building long term relationships.