About Us

Dry Creek Recycling is a business that was established in 2007. Under the EPA license, Dry Creek Recycling is able to receive road profilings and other clean products from both Government and Local Government contacts associated with the Adelaide metropolitan road network system.

The received product is a unique mix of quarry product and asphalt that is sorted, blended and crushed at our boutique plant to meet the required market specifications for base coarse products.

The end result of this process enables Dry Creek Recycling to supply to the broad Adelaide marketplace a range of clean quality products.


Dry Creek Recycling receive asphalt slabs to <400mm, small concrete <400mm (no neo), road profilings and fine concrete wash-out.
  • 20mm RAP (bitumen based)
  • 20mm Recycled Bitumen Base
  • PM1 / 20 RG Crushed Rock wet-mixed
  • PM2 / 20 RG Rubble wet-mixed
  • 20mm Rubble Non Spec wet-mixed
  • Unscreened Profilings