The COVID-19 outbreak continues to dominate the headlines with the situation ever changing and governments issuing almost daily updates and detailing stimulus packages to minimise the exposure and impact on people and businesses.

With so much information about, it can be difficult to keep on top of it all and know what to do. We have not taken a “Let’s wait and see” attitude but a full-on targeted approach. Our people, our customers, suppliers, contractors and the wider community in which we operate is our priority. We are taking every measure to safeguard the health and protection of our people and ensure minimal disruptions to our customers and operations.

We have worked very quickly to implement a variety of measures which include:

COVID-19 Crisis Response Team

Our COVID-19 Crisis Response team was set up in early March to assess and manage the impact of the virus on our people and business. The team is responsible for coordinating our response strategy as more information comes to hand, in line with Government, Department of Health and Industry directives, as well as putting in place preventative actions and implementing Emergency procedures if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 at work.

Our Customers and Suppliers have also looked to us for guidance during this challenging time and we have provided them with an Information pack detailing the actions and protocols we have put in place that they can use in their own business environment.

We are also providing updates, information and directives to our Contractors, especially our Concrete LOD’s and Transport drivers who are integral to our daily operations.

Health & Hygiene

From our Company perspective, the biggest risk of exposure stems from shared common areas and vehicles.

Protocols for Common Areas, Workplace and Vehicle Cleaning practices and General Health and Personal Hygiene have been implemented with notifications sent to our staff and stakeholders that details each of the rigorous measures taken; these are backed by workplace education posters sourced from WHO, Government and Health organisations.

We have increased cleaning and sanitising across our sites, have firmly implemented the social distancing rules and we provide all our people with the correct PPE.

Mental well-being

MSP Group of Companies understand that COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on people all over the world which is causing stress, anxiety, and a great deal of uncertainty. Our friends at “Mates in Construction” (MIC) have supplied us with important information on this which we have posted throughout our sites, distributed to our stakeholders and urged staff to take home.

Operational Measures
  • We have implemented team isolation practices across our Group that provide double or triple redundancy to ensure risk reduction to our people and continuity of supply in the event of a virus contact.
  • We have implemented a Workforce Management plan which includes working from home arrangements to further minimise risk of contamination.
  • We have implemented bans on all airline travel.
  • All our sales representatives are no longer conducting any face to face meetings until further notice. However, we do and will continue to actively keep in touch with our customers and suppliers.
  • A complete ban on large group meetings has been enforced and replaced by zoom meetings or phone conferences.
  • We are keeping all our operational sites, our Home Selections and Trade Centre open but with strict guidelines on site access and Entry to visitors, couriers and Customers.
  • We are limiting the exposure to our Weighbridge Operators by ensuring all delivery dockets are printed and collected by drivers, as well as no sharing of pens or use of pens for receipt of deliveries.
  • We are updating all relevant Safe Work Procedures and Induction programs to include measures on Pandemic crisis.
  • Our payment methods are all contactless.
  • No sharing of work vehicles or equipment.

To ensure that all our controls are in place and strictly adhered to, we are performing COVID-19 Audits across all our sites.

Ultimately, we are urging all our employees and stakeholders to follow the government guidelines on reducing their risk of exposure and where appropriate manage isolation. The six simple steps to protect you, your loved ones and your workmates are:

  1. Keep your distance from others
  2. Stay home from work if you are unwell.
  3. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly
  4. Cover coughs and sneezes
  5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  6. Wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

We are strongly encouraging all our people to follow the protocols outside of work. We know that in this crisis we are only as strong as our weakest link, so all of our people are encouraged to keep each other honest and follow the rules.

Whilst our business and in fact all businesses are arguably facing their biggest challenge, I want to remind you all that we are uniquely positioned to react and benefit from the government led stimulus activity that is already committed to restart the economy. With good management and the commitment of all our team members we will ride our way through this challenge.

We wish you, your family and your business well and look forward to the better times ahead.