About Us

A new division of Hallett Resources has been created to deal with the expanding gypsum market, Hallett Agricultural. Our product is produced at Blanchetown, formerly sold as Hi-Ag Gypsum. Hallett Gypsum is the same product with a new name.

It has been used for many years to improve soil structure and provide the macro nutrients, calcium and sulphur, which are essential for plant growth.


Hallett Gypsum (calcium sulphate) is a natural, premium grade product, proven to increase yields and improve soil structure.

Hallett Gypsum provides 2 grades of gypsum to suit your budget, making it an economical way to improve soil structure for long term effects. Hallett Gypsum has been proven beneficial over a wide range of agricultural enterprises including horticultural, viticultural, market gardening and broadacre cropping. One tonne of Hallett Gypsum supplies 211kg of calcium (Ca) and 168kg of Sulphur (SO4).